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Carol Gallery



Born, raised and worked primarily in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Now lives and putters in Madeira Park, BC, Canada.


Carol developed an interest in fibres at an early age when she learned to sew in school. Initially, her interest was in making her own clothes and then creating soft furnishings for her home. In the early ‘90s, Carol became interested in quilting and learned traditional forms of quilting for home décor and bedding.


At one point in her varied career, Carol spent 15 years as a florist. She became fascinated by the world of colour, texture and design. Floristry fed her love of nature and became a jumping-off point for explorations into the world of fibre arts.


After moving to the Sunshine Coast, Carol expanded her love of sewing to creating bags, small quilted items and revisited her other childhood interests in embroidery, knitting and crocheting.


One dreary winter Carol became interested in drawing Zentangle® tiles in the late afternoon as an alternative form of meditation. Learning this simple and satisfying art lead her to create hand-painted mugs in the floribunda style. These unique mugs bring a smile to the lips of most everyone who sees them.


New interests include the expanding world of hand-crafted felt objects, felting in the form of wall art or wool painting and handbags.


Although Carol creates only a small number of handcrafted items, primarily for personal use, she enjoys the process and is full of ideas for future projects.

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